Our Goals

We are aiming to build at least 1,000 Plants in various locations in the world to act as the Pilot Plant that will be a reference for many more to comes. In the first establishments, we are building the First Phase of the project that will be focusing on the Pyrolysis Reactor Plant. The land vast will also include in the futures the organics waste processors plant, and the sorting plant in the Total Waste Management Systems.

Our Purpose of Being

Our main purposes are to:
1. Eradicating as much Land Fill as possible all around the world.
 2. Re-Purposing All the Plastic and Rubbers materials without having people to have concerns about using Plastic materials again.
3. Processing the Organic Waste into new products and resources that can be use by the people and can generates profits for the operators and investors.
4. We want to clean up our ocean from the Plastic Island or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
5. Sharing the income with the people around the area by developing facilities and helping the needy to survive.
6. Opening more works/Jobs/Employments opportunities for the local. (Directly and Indirectly).
7. Educating the people about how important to Re-Purpose our waste and having cleaner environments.
8. Creating a worldwide Business Networking that can have mutual benefits for everybody.
9. Knowledge Transfer benefits for everyone.
10. Creating solidarity about the importunateness of having our earth cleans. 


Our Strategic Operations Plan

1. Getting the Team Ready.
2. Getting the supporters, Backers, Funds/Investment ready.
3. Start Building the Plants and creates the Supply Chains Connections.
4. Setting up the operations plans and schedules.
5. Setting up the Human Capitals Department and hiring for the Operations.
6. Setting up the sales and Marketing Departments.
7. Setting up the accounts departments for each plant.
8. Starts operations immediately within 1 year or less of developing the plants.

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