Development Costs: for Plastic/Tires Pyrolysis Plant
Estimated Costs needed per plant: USD$10 million (Running & operates)
- Costs will vary accordingly to the locations, capacity, infrastructure needs and governmental barriers.

Costs Includes:

1. Site preparations
2. Infrastructure Development (Waste Separators Machine & Pyrolysis Reactor)
3. Shipping and installations of equipment
4. Training of Staff

All plants will be manage and monitors by RAH-Worldwide Technology trained staff before handling over to the country manager/operators. The costs include the training of technician and operators for every plant.   

6. Consultation’s Fees, Marketing and Promotional activities.

Expected ROI is 1 to 2 years after operations with the initial percentage of 45% to 65%.
The expected returns will be used to further study on how to improved more on the process and what other possibilities that we can harvest from our waste.

*We can also setup the whole Re-Purposing plant including sorting plant, Organic waste processors, Glass waste processors and metal and plastic sorter if the funds are adequate and enough land are guaranteed for the plant. 

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