The Initial Ideal Team will be the country Representative which will be includes as follows:

1. Country Leader – The person will be heading the efforts in promoting, educating and liaising with the authorities, people and potential funders/investors for this project. On the other hand, the duty of the Country Leader is to ensure that we can get the Funds, The location/s for our pilot plant and Consecutive plants, Supply Chain Supports and will be the future Country Operational Head.

2. Regional Representatives – Each region in the country will be headed by Regional Representative that will be reporting to the Country Leader. Their tasks are to assists and execute the promotional and operational plans.

3. Campaign Supporters & Backers – Theses people are the groups of people that we need to have in order to ensure that our efforts are being listens. They will be helping us in telling the locals about the benefits and positive impacts that the project will brings. They will be also the indirect benefactors of the projects. 

4. Networks – These are our supporters that include the worldwide backers, suppliers, technical supports and marketing and sales teams.
Who do we need in the team?

We need passionate people with the charisma to leads, manage and executes the master plan from the start until continuum. Qualifications are just a technical matters and people can learns from the process. 

The international Committee will be monitoring and accessing the project to ensure that it is up to the standards. On the other hand, the committee will act as the place for all members to discuss about the futures of waste management and the opportunities lock behind every doors. We will be closely working with the locals to educate them about the important of managing the waste well.  


We are looking for any organizations and individuals to help us make these efforts a reality. Many benefits will come out of these projects. We hope that you and your networks could also support our cause and help us get some funding to build Pilots Plant in any regions such as African, Asian and South American regions. All of the supporters will be in the networks and can contribute in any part of the organizational functions. Full time involvement will also be compensates in term of salary and allowances.
All the funds will go to the projects and we are building a Total Waste Management Systems that will surely solve the problems with the waste and pollution. Apart from that, a clean area will help to solve the health problem. We are looking at more facilities development for the local. It is to ensures that they are also been giving the chance to get better live quality as the others.  

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